Uganda Seed Trade Association (USTA)

Seed is Life

We are a membership based association bringing together Private Sector players involved in seed trade. This was after Government had liberalized the Seed Subsector to allow Private Sector participation. The membership comprises of seed companies in and outside Uganda. The main aim of forming the association was to coordinate and oversee the development of a vibrant seed industry.

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 Objectives of USTA are to

Establish and maintain linkages with Regional and International Seed Associations, Research Centers, other networks, Development Partners, and use of such collaboration to develop capacity of members through exchange of information, learning, resource mobilization, and business linkages.

Improve the standards and profitability of marketing of seeds and complementary agricultural inputs that encourage more private investments in the seeds sub-sector.

Provide a Seed Forum where members and other stakeholders freely interface with government on advocating through positive dialogue for favorable Seed Policy.

Promote the undertaking of Research and Development of new varieties, training, accreditation, seed production, seed conditioning and marketing of quality assured seed by its members for overall development of the seed industry.

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